Bounce Rates for Real Estate Websites

What is bounce rate and why is it important?

Your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of visitors that land on a page and immediately leave) is an important indicator of web page performance and has a significant impact on your ability to convert visitors (inquiries, purchases, downloads, etc.).

The results below include an analysis of commercial real estate website bounce rates for five key web pages. These are average rates and may vary greatly depending on the type of page.

1. Home page – 35% average (+/- 18%)
2. Property listings (index page) – 42% average (+/- 15%)
3. Property details page – 55% average (+/- 24%)
4. Contact us – 51% average (+/- 10%)
5. Services – 41% average (+/- 6%)

Bounce rate for real estate websites

6 Tips to Improve Your Bounce Rate:

1. Professional design

Poor design is one of the quickest ways to lose visitors. Make sure your site has a well-crafted and professional user interface, navigation, and visual layout.

2. Clear call-to-action on the page

What is the purpose or action you want a visitor to perform on each of your pages? This action should be clear, descriptive, and easy to find through use of buttons and visual cues.

3. Improve page load time

Speed is critical. The longer your pages take to load, the great chance your visitors will bounce.

4. Relevant content

Is your content unique? Easy to read? Free of spelling or grammatical mistakes? The content of each page should convey relevant information that provides values and is expressed clearly for your visitors.

5. Related links

Provide links to other related or interesting content in your site (blog posts, news, featured properties etc.) to keep them engaged.

6. Responsive layout

More and more visitors are accessing your website from smart phones and tablets. Having mobile and tablet-optimized versions of your website can offer a better experience and greatly help reduce bounce rate.

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