Jul 03, 2014

Creative Hub Blackwelder Inaugurates New Online Presence

When the Lincoln Property Company decided to launch a new online presence for contemporary, LA based property Blackwelder, they asked go-to commercial real estate website design company inMotion Real Estate Media for their help.

Aimed at artistic agencies, modern media companies and young start-ups, the property website needed an imaginative look and feel that would resonate with LA’s creative crowd and establish its position as one of the city’s corporate hot spots.

How was the Blackwelder website designed to reflect its target audience? With a fun, sleek color scheme, modern-looking typeface and original bottom navigation bar, the site looks and feels as creative and innovative as the industry players it’s designed to appeal to. In order to allow the property to speak for itself, a full-width single-page experience was designed, using beautiful full screen images that show off the property’s innovative features to their best advantage.

In terms of features, a parallax effect – photos and letters that move in contrasting directions on scrolling – is also used within the photo gallery to give the images a stylish, modern look and catch the user’s attention. The site also features an interactive map, which, despite having being built in and compatible with Google Maps, is completely in line with the look and feel of the website, featuring colored map points and pop-up boxes which display photos of amenities and places of interest.

The website’s launch marks Blackwelder’s complete credibility as a benchmark in the world of modern office space.

The Blackwelder website is live at: www.blackweldercreative.com

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