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Investor Connect™

Brand new from inMotion Real Estate Media

Our Investor Connect™ campaigns get you right into the inboxes and onto the call sheets of the perfect investors for your project.

We connect you with your ideal investors and fund managers, with fully-managed outreach campaigns powered by industry-leading data & insights.

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Example Targets

We reach exactly the right people at exactly the right investors & funds.

Crexi LoopNet National Association of Realtors

How it works


You send us your Offering Memorandum

or we can help you create one


We select the best-match investors from our database

Specific contacts at the funds investing in projects like yours


We create for you a short, enticing email campaign

To gain the attention of the investors you’re seeking


We send and manage the campaign on your behalf

In your name


Investors interested in your project are yours to meet, nurture, and win over

Next steps

To avoid flooding our contacts, we can only work with a small number of highly reputable projects at one time.

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