May 28, 2014

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Updates for Q2 2014

Commercial property marketing is constantly evolving, and wise marketers always aim to stay ahead of new developments. That’s why, with the first half of 2014 beginning to come to a close, we decided it was an opportune moment to share some of the new ideas we’ve come across.

1. Drones take real estate marketing upwards
One of the most surprising trends of late is the use of drones to create flyover videos for marketing real estate properties. The ability to offer potential clients panoramic views of your office space, shopping center or residential block is clearly valuable, but whether or not this feature will gain mainstream demand has yet to be seen.

2. CRE // Tech Intersect gains a foothold
New conference and demonstration event CRE // Tech Intersect, now in its second year of running, is growing in importance and received a growing quantity of visitors this year. A sign of the times, perhaps? You can find out in New York in November, when the next event takes place. Won’t be able to make it? Take a look at our commercial real estate events calendar for a list of other important sector events.

3. Generating traffic for your real estate website
If you’d like an accessible overview of modern marketing methods for commercial property, our recently released PDF guide to generating traffic is now available and free to download. Featuring expert  information about current marketing methods, you can find everything from pointers on SEO to social media marketing in the document.

4. LinkedIn opens on-site blogging
As recently reported by commercial real estate blogger Chris Clark, LinkedIn has recently begun to allow on-site blogging. Whatever the size of your organization, it’s clear that the possibilities this opens up are numerous.

5. New interactive real estate marketing glossary
One final piece of news from inMotion Real Estate Media: we’ve recently opened an interactive commercial property marketing glossary on our site in order to help real estate marketers of all levels of experience decode online lingo. Test your knowledge!

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