Apr 01, 2014

Mobile Internet Visits in Commercial Real Estate Surge 46% in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

See your website through your users’ eyes

Do you only ever review your property site from the comfort of your desk? You could be making a grave mistake.

You’re probably already familiar with the idea that visits from mobile devices represent an increasingly high proportion of web traffic. But did you know just how high that proportion is for the commercial real estate sector? The mobile web is here to stay, and statistics from our recent study make a compelling case for taking it seriously.

• Mobile visits to commercial real estate sites have risen to record levels, and year-on-year trends show no sign of stopping
• Over one in eight visits to CRE sites currently comes from a mobile device
• The most popular mobile models include the iPhone and iPad
• LG has entered the rankings for the first time this year

Infographic showing mobile web use in the CRE sector

To put this in context, results from 2012’s study show similar trends, with the exception of this year’s popularity of Samsung models, which at that time did not feature in the rankings. And looking to 2014, 91% of our panel of CRE experts believe mobile traffic will continue to “increase” or “significantly increase”.

Investing in mobile

To tap into this trend, devices such as finger-friendly buttons, screen dimensions that automatically resize when a mobile device is detected and optimized images can help reach the segment of your audience that accesses your website from their Smartphone. With mobile use in full swing, mobile-ready websites can no longer just be considered important for future-proofing: they represent an crucial aspect of how today’s consumers interact with the web, too.

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