Jan 28, 2013

Mobile Usage in Commercial Real Estate Drastically Increases 61% in 2012

Are you missing out by not being mobile?

People are spending more time than ever before accessing websites via smartphones and tablets with popular brands such as the Apple, HTC and Samsung driving mobile growth and changing the way information is consumed.

Having a mobile-friendly site is increasingly becoming as important as the desktop version for CRE companies. Mobile sites work in a different way to desktop sites, using screen dimensions adapted to the device, “finger-friendly” buttons and focused text, and faster loading times.

• Between 2011 and 2012, mobile usage in commercial real estate grew by 61%.
• On average, 9% of total website visits in 2012 were through mobile devices – a 225% increase YOY.
• By 2013, mobile phones & tablets will be the most commonly devices used to access websites in the U.S.
• By 2015, out of all handsets sold in mature markets, an astounding 80% will be smartphones.

infographic mobile usage 2012

Don’t be left behind.

Traditionally, websites were developed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop. This design does not translate well onto hand held devices, leaving users frustrated with distorted content and slow loading. Studies show that optimizing your website with a mobile-friendly version are more likely to increase the likelihood of returning visitors and drastically reducing bounce rates.

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