Jan 25, 2007

Internet Video Sparks New Life in Real Estate Market

BOSTON, Mass.– High speed Internet is bringing real estate marketing into the 21st century with the explosion of video.

Still photos might give a general feel for a property, but online video takes prospective buyers there, according to Bob Samii, founder of inMotion Real Estate Media, LLC.

Buyers are now able to take video tours of properties via the Internet.

“Online videos are a powerful communication tool and an important emerging technology that real estate marketers must learn to embrace,” Samii said. “A video can quickly engage a large target audience and effectively communicate the value of a property — and even evoke emotion – far more effectively than any other media.”

With the rise in popularity of high speed Internet and online videos in the past year, inMotion Real Estate Media started offering high-end, professional real estate video productions for luxury properties with its Showcase Residential product.

“Showcase Residential blends broadcast-quality motion video, professional voiceover narration and cutting-edge post production to create a powerful marketing tool that impresses,” said Samii. “The product can help real estate professionals communicate vital property information and highlight key property features.”

The company utilizes the talents of a team of media production experts, cinematographers and real estate professionals. While the business was started in Portsmouth, N.H., the company has a production team in Los Angeles and a network of professional videographers in both the east and west coast.

“Our team of professionals has a clear understanding of the marketing needs of the real estate industry and the expertise to create solutions to serve these needs,” said Samii.

Turnover for a video is between five to 10 days from start of production to final product.

According to Samii, clients of the Showcase Residential service receive 25 custom DVDs as well as an Internet-ready file, which can be added to any Web site or online Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing. The end result may be viewed by thousands of potential buyers online.

The company also produces video profiles for commercial properties and developments.

For more information visit inMotion Real Estate Media online at https://inmotionrealestate.com or call 800-831-9256.

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