Jan 27, 2016

Seaport Developers Gain Marketing Edge With Professional Video

The Seaport District is Boston’s largest urban waterfront development, set to transform 23 acres of land, which was previously little more than a parking lot, into a dynamic, modern neighborhood, walkable from downtown Boston.

inMotion were commissioned to produce a high-level video production illustrating the details of an upcoming development project M1 and M2 that will consist of 3 towers, spanning 1.1 million square feet over a 3.5 acre site, while communicating the positive effects it will have on the city of Boston and the area’s key amenities.

inMotion filmed several interviews with top-level executives John Hynes, CEO at Boston Global Investors, and Steven Hendryx, Senior Vice President at HGC Investment Management and documented their meetings and presentations. Footage of Boston and the Seaport district was then interweaved with their commentary to achieve maximum impact.

The final production resulted in a compelling 4-minute introductory marketing video with custom-designed graphics that will be used as a presentation tool to engage international investors.


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