Real Estate Adwords

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Connect with high-intent audiences (both tenants and buyers) actively searching for your properties. Target specific markets to increase traffic and acquire more lead opportunities.


Real Estate Adwords

When working with Google Ads (or any other paid search platform) it is important to narrow down your keywords and get closer to queries with clear intention in it. By doing this, your campaign will get better results.

Our Google Adwords team specializes in real estate Adwords strategy, continuous optimization, and obsession with performance to maximize results for your company or property campaign.

With 10+ years of industry experience, we have deep expertise in commercial real estate marketing and how to effectively execute Adwords campaigns for clients large and small.


Here’s what you’ll get when you work with inMotion:

  • Expert Strategy Planning & Execution

  • Thorough Analysis of Your Industry Competitors

  • Ad Creation & Optimization

  • ROI Measurements & Optimization Tips

  • In-Depth Keyword Discovery

  • Ongoing Campaign Tracking & Monitoring

  • Regular Campaign Progress Reporting

  • Advanced Campaign Consulting (Including Geo-Targeting & Day-Parting)

  • Discovery of New Market & Medium Opportunities


How do we work on a Google Ads campaign for Real Estate

Each campaign is preceded by a detailed keywords study, which we validate together with the customer. Depending on the available budget and the goals, we establish a strategy that allows us to maximize resources and obtain maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Whether your campaign is aimed at improving the brand awareness of your business, capturing leads or sending traffic to your site to increase the visibility of your listings, we will choose the approach that will guarantee us the greatest chance of success.

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