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Did you know that the 1st result of a Google search gets 33% of the clicks? Get more visits and generate more leads with an effective SEO strategy for your real estate business.


Real estate SEO never rests. If your website is properly optimized and ranking for the right keywords, it generates leads for you 24/7.

Today the key to getting more customers to your commercial real estate business starts with building a strong online presence. The key to capturing potential leads online is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of making your website visible and prominent on Google and other search engines.

With a proper SEO strategy, your website will generate qualified organic leads and strengthen your brand awareness.

Our SEO experts can help you reach that goal by taking care of your website's technical and semantic optimization, as well as all those off-page factors, such as link building and local SEO.

The SEO optimization process always begins with a complete audit of the site, whereby we identify the on-page (both semantic and technical) and off-page SEO improvements to be made.

Once the necessary changes are implemented, and after resolving the problems and errors encountered, we will establish an acquisition strategy based on content marketing (generation of new landing pages / content for the blog) and link building.

Subsequently, through the consistent monitoring of the data, we carry out the necessary optimizations to reach the defined goals.


Our SEO services include

We offer a full range of SEO services, from competitive analysis, to on-page and off-page optimization. Semantic optimization, as well as technical optimization of your website are our priorities.

Our SEO campaigns are 100 based on white hat techniques, which will deliver great results without putting your website in danger with shady practices (aka as black hat SEO).

Continuous analysis, optimization and a well-structured road map of content creation are some of the pillars of our SEO strategy, which overall includes:

  • Benchmark vs competitors

  • Technical SEO audit

  • Content analysis and optimization

  • Content creation

  • 100% white hat SEO link building campaign

  • Continuous analysis and maintenance

  • SEO dashboard


Benchmark vs Competitors

The first step of our SEO audits is usually based on a benchmark analysis of the client's website with those of its closer competitors.

This exercise will help us to "take a picture" of the current situation of the niche or industry in which the client's website is competing, providing a ranking of the analyzed websites based of few basic (but important) data, such as:

  • Link profile analysis

  • Monthly organic traffic estimation

  • Total number of organic keywords in first page of search results and on the rest of SERP

  • Indexed URLs

  • Brand awareness


Technical SEO audit

The technical aspects of a website are within the most important metrics when it comes to SEO optimization. We take this very seriously and perform a deep analysis of our client' websites, taking into consideration all those aspects which are well known SEO factors, acknowledged by Google itself to be considered into their ranking algorithm.

When we talk about technical SEO, we understand that those factors have direct influence both on the search engine processes (crawling and indexation) and the user experience (website speed).

As a summary, the most important task that we run into when performing a technical SEO analysis are:

  • Crawling budget optimization (sitemap, robots.txt, source code instructions to spiders, etc.)

  • Errors and redirections (fix 4xx and 5xx errors, redirection loops, etc.)

  • HTTP header status

  • Web Core Vitals (page speed optimization, on both mobile and desktop devices)

  • JS crawlability


Semantic SEO

When it comes to semantic SEO, we are mostly talking talking about on-page SEO.

Both content analysis and optimization of the already published content, as well as definition of the new content that should be published, are two important elements of the semantic SEO.

We normally define some SEO guidelines for content, based on the niche and depending of the type of landing page (you cannot approach a product page and a service page the same way) and then, according to that, we perform a content analysis which provide a list of content-based opportunities to be exploited.

This translates into optimization of the current content (expanding/re-writing the content with the aim of targeting a broader range of keywords) and publication of new content, based on a content calendar we will propose to the client.


Link Building Campaign

Inbound links are one of the most powerful tools in SEO. Unfortunately, link building has a bad reputation, as it is also one of the most lucrative activities in the industry and this has meant that over the years many unscrupulous services have sprung up, generating links based on shady techniques (black hat SEO) that in the long run they can lead to the penalization of a website.

Google sees inbound links as "votes of trust" from other sites to ours, so we make sure the links we build are semantically relevant and that they come from websites whose quality metrics are analyzed carefully, before eventually negotiating the publication of a link to the site of one of our clients.

The diversity of the anchor text and attributes of the built links, the distribution of the destination URLs, the quality of the traffic received by the websites that link to us, are all elements that are analyzed in detail, to make sure that the link building service we offer to our customers is 100% white hat SEO.


Follow-up and Dashboard

The SEO work certainly does not end with the auditing and the technical and semantic optimization of the site, but continues in the following months, in which we will be analyzing the quality metrics of the site, the positioning by keywords and at the same time we will be publishing new content and I build links.

The continuous SEO optimization of the site is achieved through these continuous adjustments, to ensure that you can get the most out of the published content, targeting keywords that bring traffic but at the same time are centered on conversion (lead generation).

Obviously, the same applies to the technical aspects of the site, which even if they are fixed following the audit, will be constantly monitored to avoid problems that could compromise the organic positioning of the website.

All this information will also be available for the customer in our online dashboard, available 24/7.

In addition, once a month, we will manually send the dashboard, enriched with the analysis carried out by our experts in digital marketing.

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