Video Production

Professional Real Estate Video Production

Video Production

Their videos bring things to life in a way that we could not do with conventional images.

Joel Mayer Managing Director (Rockwood Capital)

Set yourself apart from the competition with a professional real estate marketing video to boldly showcase your property, highlight building features and surrounding local amenities.

Our custom real estate videos provide your target audience with a rich and engaging experience that is sure to leave an impression. The final production consists of full motion video that is outputted both on DVD and as a web-ready video that can be embedded on any website, sent via email, or shared on social media.

At inMotion, we produce fully custom HD (high definition) videos using commercial drones, helicopters and professional lighting and sound equipment for a wide range of real estate marketing projects.


HD Real Estate Video

The latest in high-definition (HD) video production using top of the line HD equipment to produce visually stunning property marketing and corporate videos. We have an established network of professional camera operators covering almost any location worldwide to capture aerial footage using the latest commercial drones and helicopters where needed.


Custom Motion Graphics

Our comprehensive post-production editing and motion graphic capabilities can help convey your message with powerful interactive graphics. This includes dynamic 2D and 3D animations and visual effects to give your video or presentation the "wow" factor it deserves and tell a more compelling story.

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